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Sovereigntists announced Tuesday they will stage a protest on Parliament Hill on Feb. 22 against the re-enactment, which will help mark the 250th anniversary of the historic battle.

The nationalist Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Imperatif francais say they hope the mobilization already underway on the Internet will grow.

A petition on the web has collected more than 1,400 signatures, while a Facebook group has more than 1,000 members.

Imperatif francais president Jean-Paul Perreault said he knew of no other nation that would accept the celebration of such a defeat.

Que. nationalists protest re-enactment of historic battle

By Mike De Souza, Canwest News ServiceFebruary 10, 2009

OTTAWA — Two Quebec nationalist groups are appealing to both French- and English-speaking Canadians across the country to rally behind their efforts to stop the federal government from commemorating a historic battle that they say led to the British conquest of New France.

The Societe Saint-Jean-Baptiste and Imperatif Francais said they have nothing against recognizing historic events, but take exception to having the federal government organize activities and a re-enactment around the event.

The two groups say they want to stage a massive protest on Parliament Hill on Feb. 22, to persuade the National Battlefields Commission, a federal agency, to abandon the planned activities this summer.

Jean-Paul Perreault, the president of Imperatif Francais, said the event marked the beginning of the assimilation of French-speaking Canadians across the country. He said they don’t need any reminders that they must still fight to get services and schools in their own language.

"How would you feel about the federal government organizing a celebration or reconstitution within the native population of the defeat of the native population by the Canadian government?" Perreault asked a reporter at a news conference. "How would you feel about having the Canadian government organize in New Brunswick (an event to celebrate) the deportation of the Acadians? How would you feel about that? I think asking the question is
answering it."

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