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Lisez mes notes à la fin.
Pierre Denault.


Annoying e-mail messages

The Internet is a wonderful research tool and e-mail is a blessing in this
fast paced world. Need to send a photo to China? Click a couple of buttons and
before you can go to the kitchen and back, the job is done.

However, the Internet and e-mail are prone to attacks by nasty viruses
designed to annoy, disrupt and destroy. Not as destructive but equally annoying
are the persistent spam messages that pop up in the in-box.

Recently, annoying messages have been appearing in this paper’s newsroom
e-mail box. After failing in all efforts to have these virulent messages
stopped, here is a reiteration of a position I have long held, directed at the
sender of the messages:
You should stop genuflecting before the Charter of the French Language, a
document designed to protect the French language, (which doesn’t need
but has become a tool of oppression (sign laws; Cohen Parasiuk school dilemma;

Québec is still a province in the country of Canada (you can verify that with
the United Nations), a country with a Charter of Rights and Freedoms (have you
read it?). Sure, in a hissy fit, Levesque refused to sign the Canadian Charter,
but, hey, Québec still uses Canadian currency, the Canada Pension Plan, and
receives about five billion dollars in transfer payments annually from the
federal government (of course, you know Ontario and Alberta are the givers, the
rest the takers).

And as you moan about the "demise" of the French language or the
"assimilation" of francophone Pontiacers, consider this: There are more
francophones in Québec in 2004 than ever. In fact, when the Charter was adopted
in 1977, there were more francophones in Québec than at any time in the
province’s history.
How could it be, then, that the existence of the French language was threatened
to the point it needed protection? As well, if the English language is such a
threat, how come every separatist party premier speaks English very well? In
fact, Lucien Bouchard attended the London School of Economics, and married an
anglophone American girl.

Bet their kids speak English, eh? It appears some apologists for the arm of
the Québec State (Office de la langue française) that monitors usage of the
French language want to keep francophones in the dark about the big world out
there, a world where the vast majority of geo-political and business
transactions are conducted in the English language.

Funny, isn’t it, that though the Quiet Revolution aimed to bring Québec and
Québeckers into contemporary times, the old system was replaced by a Leviathan
State that grew imperceptibly to a more intrusive and oppressive organism than
the Church ever was.

Whereas in the past people were expected to genuflect before God and pay
homage to and act reverently towards the Church, the apologists for the State
expect the people to pay homage to and revere the State and its Laws, forgetting
that the State and its Laws are man-made constructs, designed to serve the
people. It will be a frosty day in Hell before many of us bow and genuflect
before a Leviathan State and its Oppressive Laws. Living according to the
dictates of Laws is one thing, bowing and genuflecting before the Laws is quite
Especially when the elite in Québec society circumvent the very Law that you,
message sender, bow down before.

And, dear reader, it appears that the message sender is taking aim at
Pontiac’s newspapers, trying to concoct a formula for them to follow (based on
percentage of francophones/anglophones), forgetting that the newspapers are
private enterprises already controlled to a certain degree by the government. If
the government fulfilled the wishes of the message sender, we would surely live
in an oppressive totalitarian state.

Though there is no hard proof that the French language in Québec is in
danger, it’s amazing that some of the people can be fooled all of the time.

Paul McGee

Plusieurs de ses messages agaçants auquels M. McGee fait référence sont, en
effet, des résultats d’études sérieuses, publiées sur les sites d’Impératif
français, du Mouvement Estrien pour le Français, par la SSJB, par Radio Canada
dans les états généraux de M. Gérard Larose et par Stats. Canada. Je les lui
envoyai parce qu’ils contredisent la propagande haineuse dont nous sommes
victimes dans le Pontiac.

M. McGee sait donc que le fait français recule dans toutes les provinces
anglophones et qu’il devra toujours être défendu avec vigilance au Québec.
Il connaît les chiffres qui démontrent que notre poids démographique diminue de
façon alarmante (32% à 24%) il sait que de plus en plus de francophones doivent
travailler en anglais au Québec, il sait que les universités anglophones sont
sur financées quand comparées aux universités francophones etc. Bref, il sait
tout ce qui inquiète beaucoup de francophones mais ça l’indiffère. Il veut que
ses 10,000 lecteurs continuent à croire au "Mythe de l’anglo abusé du Québec."

Pour quiconque voudrait m’aider à ramener ce beau Monsieur à la réalité.
L’adresse électronique du Pontiac Equity est:

Et si vous croyez que j’insiste trop j’apprécierais aussi que vous me le
fassiez savoir.

Pierre Denault.

* Suprématie – Position dominante qu’occupe un groupe social exerçant une grande
influence, parfois même un pouvoir de domination, sur un ou plusieurs autres
groupes au sein d’un espace social donné.

(Le 15 septembre 2004)

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