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La liste de diffusion "Europa Esperanto-Unio" vient d’attirer
l’attention de ses adhérents sur le document ci-après concernant
l’obligation suivante de n’utiliser que l’anglais au sein d’ARTE :

9. Language of submitted applications and tenders: All application and
tender documents will have to be in English.

Le comble du ridicule pour une chaîne franco-allemande ! Après la
dérive de l’Académie des Sciences, qui a aussi décidé de suivre le
mauvais exemple de l’Institut Pasteur, il apparaît clairement que le
processus en cours, depuis fort longtemps d’ailleurs, s’accélère.

Henri Masson

(Le 23 juillet 2002)

NDLR – Vous trouverez à la fin de ce message des adresses électroniques que
nous vous recommandons fortement d’utiliser.


Document original :

Prior information procedure – production facilities and broadcasting
centre (English).

Application notice

In order to achieve its new headquarters in Strasbourg, ARTE G.E.I.E,
the European Cultural Channel, invites to a call for application for the
design, furnishing and installation of its production facilities and
broadcasting centre This call for application will be followed by an
invitation for

Restricted procedure

1. Awarding authority: ARTE G.E.I.E, Technical Department, 2A, rue de la
Fonderie, F-67080 Strasbourg Cedex, France.
2. Category of service and description: The invitation for tender will enclose
the following subsytems:

1. master control room and play-out centre for two programmes;
2. SAN architecture for programme acquisition, control, archiving, browsing,
3. media asset management integration;
4. studios and production areas;
5. cameras and lenses;
6. news production centre including news room based on SAN architecture;
7. transmission and telecommunication centre;
8. networked post-production facilities including graphic design and
9. ancillary data management (subtitling, VPS, EIT P/F, TV-guide,
interactivity, etc.).
3. Type of procedure: The procurement procedure will be the restricted one.
The first phase will be a call for application, followed by a restricted call
for tenders. ARTE G.E.I.E will consider any specific offer regarding the
designated subsystems with the condition that all affected applicants accept
to constitute a joint pool of companies based on co-responsibility agreement,
one of them being officially designated as their common representative. This
common representative company, who will be designated as the main contractor,
will be in charge of the global coordination for the project’s integration and
fully responsible for it towards ARTE G.E.I.E, alternatively, ARTE G.E.I.E may
award the contract to a single contractor.
4. Planning and project key dates: 7 Feb 2002: sending of the tender notice
for publication. 18 March 2002: latest acceptance date for the application
files (37 day period). 2 April 2002: sending of the full tender documents to
the chosen applicants. 13 May 2002: latest acceptance date for the tenders
reception (40 days). 30 June 2002: award of the contract. 1 Nov 2002: start of
installation/works on site. 30 April 2003: works completion and system
delivery. 1 May 2003: on-air operations.
5. Installation site: The installation will be implemented at the contractor’s
future headquarters and premises, currently under construction, at the corner
of Rue Lauth and Quai du Chanoine Winterer near the new building of the
European Parliament in Strasbourg (France).
6. Requested information to be addressed to ARTE: The application file will
include: – the applicant’s field of interest; – a motivated letter of intent;
– legal and financial structure of the company; – services and product
catalogue and description; – names, professional qualification and experience
of staff who would be in charge of the project; – logistical resources and
facilities (including locations); – references including all relevant material
deemed necessary to demonstrate.
7. Duration of contract or time limit for completion of the services: The
duration of the contract, allowed for the completion of the system, shall be a
maximum of 12 months from date of signature.
8. Name and address of ARTE service from which information may be requested by
e-mail: Jacques Van Hooland, Technical Manager, Head of the broadcast project,
9. Language of submitted applications and tenders: All application and tender
documents will have to be in English.
10. Date of dispatch of this notice: February 7, 2002.

CPV coding:
CPV:32500000 – Telecommunications equipment and supplies.
CPV:30257000 – Imaging and archiving system.
CPV:33451000 – Cameras.
CPV:33413000 – Lenses.
CPV:32210000 – Broadcasting equipment.
CPV:78225000 – Graphic design services.
CPV:74840000 – Design services.
CPV:50900000 – Installation services.

Document number………..: ND:36191-2002
Journal number…………: 46/2002
Date received by EUR-OP…: 07:02:2002
Date sent to EUR-OP…….: 07:02:2002
Deletion date………….: 18:03:2002
Type of document……….: Prior information procedure
Nature of contract……..: Combined contract
Type of procedure………: Restricted procedure
Regulation of procurement.: European Communities
Awarding authority type…: Water, energy, transport and
telecommunications sectors
Type of bid required……: Not defined
Awarding criteria………: Not defined
Awarding authority name…: ARTE G.E.I.E
Country code…………..: France
Original language………: English
NUTS code……………..: FR421
Heading……………….: European Communities. Services. General information.
NUTS region……………: BAS-RHIN
Town………………….: STRASBOURG

Quelques adresses utiles :

– Délégation générale à la langue française :
Courriel :

– Ministère de la culture (France) :

Courriel :

– et les adresses en anglais fournis avec le devis :
Jacques Van Hooland, Technical Manager, Head of the broadcast
project, e-mail:

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