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Un témoignage puant la francophobie. Le Québec n’existe pas!

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Je lis vos articles souvent, quelle horreur et racisme. Pourquoi pleurnishez-vous tout le temps. Bientôt on dira du Québec ce qu’on dit de la France:  «If it wasn’t for the French, France would be beautiful.» Ça pourrait être:  «If it wasn’t for the French, Quebec would be beautiful».  Vous le méritez. vous, la SSJB et Impératif francais.
Nous n’en pouvons plus de votre syndrome de victimes éternelles.  L’anglais n’est pas une maladie, c’est une langue pour communiquer.  Ce n’est pas un crime.  Vous avez étiré vos restrictions linguistiques beaucoup trop loin.  C’est triste et tellement arrogant.  Quebec used to be so friendly, it has now become a war zone and you are so responsible for promoting such hatred for the English language it is sliding towards xenophobia.  Bill 101 must be softened not hardened.  There is a limit to being regionally minded.  We ought to be Citizen in the World.  French can be a pain in the neck, specially in North America.  Ask an American tourist what «ALLUMEZ VOS PHARES « means????  Dangerous, could provoke accidents..
Est ce que le Quebec a  les moyens de chasser les gens, étant une des plus pauvres des provinces du Canada?  Un non ferme!!!
Avec le taux d’échange si favorable aux Américains nous devrions doubler, ou même  tripler notre tourisme pour 2015.  Est ce que le mal est fait et irréparable? Je pense que la mentalité agressive des monolingues est contagieuse.  Je le vois presque tout les jours, même au centre ville.  C’est tellement déplaisant. La saveur française en perd son lustre.
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Letter: I felt unwelcome in Quebec

I live in New York State, about three hours by car from the Canada-U.S. border just south of Montreal. It seems like I visit the Montreal area every five years or s…
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I live in New York State, about three hours by car from the Canada-U.S. border just south of Montreal. It seems like I visit the Montreal area every five years or so. It also seems that within a few hours of my arrival, I remember why I don’t wander north of the border more often.

I arrived at the Sandman Hotel in Longueuil last weekend and spent a few days in the area. The staff was very nice and very helpful. That’s where my positive comments end.

Every other establishment that I entered made me feel like a second-class person. Going to Tim Hortons was the worse experience by far. I entered a location and asked for a coffee. The person at the cash said something in French, threw their arms up in the air and stormed off to find someone who would lower themselves to speak English to the customer at the counter.

Our experience was similar at every restaurant and shop we entered during our stay. Our presence, even as paying customers, appeared to be a huge inconvenience everywhere we went.

Quebec places many tourist ads in our local newspaper, trying to lure us northward. It has worked for the last time. I now remember my trip in 2009 was bad. The staff at the businesses I visited on this trip made it very clear that my patronage was not welcome, and they would prefer that I just stayed in New York. I am only too happy to oblige.

Daniel Owen, Saratoga County, N.Y.

Renee Houde Edwardh

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